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NEW! Inlaid Jewelry Box with Photo Frame Lid

I finished up a fun project today - a jewelry box that has a lid to hold a special photo. The soft light-colored interior has room for those precious rings, jewelry, and other keepsakes. Encased by our unique original inlay... Continue Reading →


Some of my Grandpa’s Early Inlay Pieces

Imagine my pleasant surprise yesterday when I received an envelope from my aunts with several pictures of Grandpa and some of his early wood inlay pieces. We did not think we had photos like these, but after the family started... Continue Reading →

Mirror Mirror On Your Wall – 10.21.18

This is an inlay mirror I finished up today. As I have mentioned in the past, I have very few patterns left that were made by my grandfather. This project features some of those plus my own patterns. The left... Continue Reading →

The Lyndaker Star

This is a good example of the Lyndaker Star for an order I am finishing up. Woods in this star include purple heart, padouk, butternut, cherry, locust, Osage orange, walnut, poplar, oak, and mahogany.

Vintage X-acto Knife Box Reborn! 10.16.18

Last week, I purchased this X-acto Knife Box at Community Forklift. I particularly liked the dovetail corners and the original blade holder inside. I sanded and refinished it, being careful to preserve the original hardware and interior. This is the... Continue Reading →

New! Keepsake Chest – 10.15.18

This is a piece I finished yesterday. It is a small keepsake chest which I sanded and refinished with a dark walnut stain. The box corners are dovetailed. It has a sliding inlay lid which features a checkerboard pattern from... Continue Reading →

New! Picture Frames – 10.11.18 (SOLD)

I have been working like a little bugger to get some picture frames ready for the Wardensville Fall Festival this weekend.

New! Star Shelf – 10.09.18 (SOLD)

I picked up a simple oak shelf with brass coat hooks at Community Forklift awhile ago. I removed the hooks, did some sanding, and put on an inlay top. I added a star to the front using multicolored woods such... Continue Reading →

New! Business Card Holder – 09.22.18

Today I had an idea that I wanted to try out. So I worked on a business card holder design. The above photo is the front. The back has two triangular inlay legs for support. Depending on the response, I... Continue Reading →

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