Lyndaker Inlay

classic furniture with new artistry



FOR SALE! Stunning Wood Inlay – Wood Inlay Storage Chest with Cedar Interior

Yesterday I completed one of my larger projects and posted it for sale on Craigslist today! You can see the details at the link below:


New! Antique Stand – 09.29.18

In November 2016, I began a two tier inlay project on an antique stand I picked up. The stand has a bottom shelf which needed repair and a drawer in the front. I put an inlay top on the bottom... Continue Reading →

Antique Game Table – A Wonderful Example of Vintage Inlay

My neighbor and artist friend Kathy showed me a wonderful example of handmade wood inlay. The table is designed to be flipped over depending on what game is played. There are small drawers in the side to hold the game... Continue Reading →

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