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Photographs of Inlay through a Kaleidescope Filter

Using the Mirror Lab filter from Google Play I came up with some pretty neat creations using photos of Lyndaker Inlay projects. Enjoy!


NEW! Photo Frame Design

This is a new inlay photo frame design I completed today. It features my most recent patterns with hazelnut, mulberry, and African rosewood pieces down the center of the frame.

NEW! An Artsy Frame of Funkyness

I just finished up this 4x6 photo frame this morning. Rather than trimming the edges as usual, I decided to leave the pieces as is, in all of their irregular glory. To use what was my dear friend Verle's favorite... Continue Reading →

NEW! Framed Photos of Lyndaker Inlay Designs

These framed photos of several Lyndaker Inlay patterns and designs will be on sale this Saturday at the Holiday Craft Fair at the Brentwood Arts Exchange. The photos feature our original inlay work on various craft and furniture pieces, such... Continue Reading →

Some of my Grandpa’s Early Inlay Pieces

Imagine my pleasant surprise yesterday when I received an envelope from my aunts with several pictures of Grandpa and some of his early wood inlay pieces. We did not think we had photos like these, but after the family started... Continue Reading →

New! Picture Frames – 10.28.2018

With lots of events coming up this Fall, I want to make sure we have plenty of one of our most popular items, wood inlay picture frames. Here are four of the latest.

New! Picture Frames – 10.11.18 (SOLD)

I have been working like a little bugger to get some picture frames ready for the Wardensville Fall Festival this weekend.

New! Photo Frame 8×10 – 10.10.18 (SOLD)

This a larger photo frame I finished today.

New Picture Fame – 1.3.18

This is the final picture frame for the order I have been working on. This is a new take on a previous design.

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