Lyndaker Inlay

classic furniture with new artistry



NEW! Framed Photos of Lyndaker Inlay Designs

These framed photos of several Lyndaker Inlay patterns and designs will be on sale this Saturday at the Holiday Craft Fair at the Brentwood Arts Exchange. The photos feature our original inlay work on various craft and furniture pieces, such... Continue Reading →


Mirror Mirror On Your Wall – 10.21.18

This is an inlay mirror I finished up today. As I have mentioned in the past, I have very few patterns left that were made by my grandfather. This project features some of those plus my own patterns. The left... Continue Reading →

A Gallery of Patterns

I am reorganizing my shop so I put up some shelves to feature patterns from my grandfather as well as my own.

New Pattern – 10.01.18

This a pattern I finished up today. It features found locust, wenge as center strip, black walnut, red oak, and others.

New Pattern – 09.23.18

Last night I experimented with a different pattern style. The light colored wood is white ash. The words scribbled in pencil on the wood are in my grandfather's hand. This is from my grandfather's stock that my dad recently gave... Continue Reading →

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