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FOR SALE! Stunning Wood Inlay – Wood Inlay Storage Chest with Cedar Interior

Yesterday I completed one of my larger projects and posted it for sale on Craigslist today! You can see the details at the link below:


Some of my Grandpa’s Early Inlay Pieces

Imagine my pleasant surprise yesterday when I received an envelope from my aunts with several pictures of Grandpa and some of his early wood inlay pieces. We did not think we had photos like these, but after the family started... Continue Reading →

New! Antique Stand – 09.29.18

In November 2016, I began a two tier inlay project on an antique stand I picked up. The stand has a bottom shelf which needed repair and a drawer in the front. I put an inlay top on the bottom... Continue Reading →

Next Project! Alley Way Find!

Can you say gorgeous cedar chest with an inlay top?! Perhaps with the Lyndaker star? Hmm. I just happened to take a shortcut on my bike. There it was. (Expensive too!) Boy, did I hurry home for the car! Upcycling... Continue Reading →

New Pattern for Chest Part 2

Second of two for chest top clamped and gluing.

Inlay Stool

This is an inlay stool I designed and built several years ago. The inlay patterns are from my grandfather. The wood for the stool itself is maple. Note the five pointed star pattern in the center. This is called the... Continue Reading →

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