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NEW! An Artsy Frame of Funkyness

I just finished up this 4x6 photo frame this morning. Rather than trimming the edges as usual, I decided to leave the pieces as is, in all of their irregular glory. To use what was my dear friend Verle's favorite... Continue Reading →


Lyndaker Inlay at Brentwood Arts Exchange December 9

Lyndaker Inlay will be joining many other fine artisans at the Brentwood Arts Exchange for their annual Craft Fair and Beer Tasting Lounge, December 9, from 10am-4pm. More info is below: Come out and support your local artists!

New Pattern for Chest

This is one of two which will be fitted onto the top of a found chest. Stay tuned for the completed piece.

CD Box

This is a box I made for my wife for a Christmas gift one of our first Christmases after we were married. I made it for CDs but we have used it to hold a variety of items. It has... Continue Reading →

New Patterns

The following are some of the patterns I put together over the last several weeks. It has been fun to rediscover my notes and figure out how to put these patterns together based on the technique developed by my grandfather... Continue Reading →

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