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Locust Jewelry Box – 02.08.18

This is a jewelry box I finished up last evening. This and the walnut box I mentioned previously will be at the Brentwood Arts Exchange along with other inlay items as part of their Art Craft store! The dark bands... Continue Reading →


Walnut Jewelry Box

I have been working on a jewelry box made from found walnut pieces. I decided to leave the top with "rough" edges to give it a more natural look. The bottom is an inlay piece from one of my recent... Continue Reading →

Finished Box from Found Walnut and Cedar

In a previous post I mentioned a box I was making from cedar and walnut that I had found. This is the finished piece. Today I hope to begin work on several more of similar design.

Broken Cross Restored

I built a wooden cross for our church several years ago. Recently, after much use, it came apart and needed to be repaired. I decided an inlay accent in the center would be a nice highlight and would serve to... Continue Reading →

New Pattern – 1.23.18

This a new pattern I am finishing up today that uses the pre-pattern of 1.19.18 and pieces from the found stump in the previous post.

Found Stump Piece

This a piece of stump that I have had my eye on as I walked one of my dogs. (It is a rather interesting endeavor to carry it while holding a leash at the same time). I was able to... Continue Reading →

New Pattern – 1.19.18

This is a new pattern that I finished this evening. Woods include padouk, black walnut, and pine.

New Pre-pattern 1.19.18

This is a new pre-pattern that I finished this evening. Woods include cherry, poplar, and wenge to name a few.

Christmas Ornaments – 1.17.18

Mama Claus is getting a jump on the holidays and wanted me to make her seven ornaments! Not to counted correctly (I am including a bonus one).

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