Lyndaker Inlay

classic furniture with new artistry

Harvesting a Mulberry Tree

Today I cut down a mulberry tree that my neighbor asked me to take down for him. I made sure to keep several logs for inlay. The color reminds me of locust. I can't wait to use them once they... Continue Reading →


Red Romance Sale at the Brentwood Arts Exchange!


Locust-Black Walnut Combo Pieces

This evening I put together several locust and black walnut pieces from my found stock. I hope to use these as sides for jewelry boxes. I also put together two walnut tops in bookend fashion.

Lyndaker Inlay at the HeartFest, Saturday, February 10!

Come on out to the Milk Boy Art House in College Park for the HeartFest, a Valentine's Experience for Art Lovers, on Saturday, Feb. 10 from 11-4. Brentwood Arts Exchange is having a pop-up shop and there will be some... Continue Reading →

Locust Jewelry Box – 02.08.18

This is a jewelry box I finished up last evening. This and the walnut box I mentioned previously will be at the Brentwood Arts Exchange along with other inlay items as part of their Art Craft store! The dark bands... Continue Reading →

Walnut Jewelry Box

I have been working on a jewelry box made from found walnut pieces. I decided to leave the top with "rough" edges to give it a more natural look. The bottom is an inlay piece from one of my recent... Continue Reading →

Finished Box from Found Walnut and Cedar

In a previous post I mentioned a box I was making from cedar and walnut that I had found. This is the finished piece. Today I hope to begin work on several more of similar design.

Broken Cross Restored

I built a wooden cross for our church several years ago. Recently, after much use, it came apart and needed to be repaired. I decided an inlay accent in the center would be a nice highlight and would serve to... Continue Reading →

New Pattern – 1.23.18

This a new pattern I am finishing up today that uses the pre-pattern of 1.19.18 and pieces from the found stump in the previous post.

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