The Lyndaker Legacy – Christian Lyndaker

Recently, I traveled to upstate New York, the region where the Lyndakers settled after immigrating to America in the 1800s.

My great grandfather, Christian Lyndaker, who is featured in the Lyndaker Inlay logo and “began” the Lyndaker Inlay tradition, made a variety of wood items during his lifetime.

Many were small hand carved toys for children such as those below.

The shelf was made by him as well.

The intricate detail is a precursor to his later work with inlay.

The chest above with hand carved inlay in the top was made by Christian for my grandma, his daughter-in-law, Fannie Widrick, after her marriage to my grandpa, Ednor.

Christian also made several lamps. The one above features two lights, one above and one inside. Again, the detail is a precursor to his inlay work.

The above light was made by Christian in March 1955 when he was 87! (see the description on the bottom of the lamp below).

This is the same year when he made the inlaid desktop featured in our logo below.

My father (Christian was his grandfather) has made several lamps like the one below inspired by Christian’s waterwell-themed lamp.

So the legacy continues and we continue to be inspired by the work of our forebears.

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