The Legacy Continues – Building A Lyndaker Inlay Table Top

Recently I traveled to my parents’ place to help them downsize as they prepare to move into a smaller living arrangement. Along with lumber and several of my dad’s and grandpa’s tools, I brought back my family heirloom of the furniture Grandpa made that my parents had been given by or bought from him over the years.

It is made out of butternut and features the Lyndaker Star and now serves as the focal point in our living room as a stand for our TV.

Grandpa always signed his pieces, usually somewhere underneath. I am finding that Grandpa did some of his most amazing work while he was in his 80s!!! As you can see, he made this coffee table August/September 2003 when he was 83 plus (let’s not forget the plus!)

As I have noted here earlier, I am so excited and grateful to be partnering with SylvanCraft to use locally harvested wood to create fine woodcraft.

We began with smaller pieces such as ornaments, foot stools, and chess games, such as the Lyndaker Inlay piece pictured above, with the goal that we would eventually be creating larger pieces of furniture.

Above is a mostly completed cherry end table with a Lyndaker Inlay top which will soon be available on the Sylvan Craft Etsy Store.

Now it seems we have come full circle. Above is a coffee table top that I just completed today for Sylvan Craft. The featured wood is red oak and its size is comparable to the one Grandpa made.

I look forward to seeing the finished product once it is picked up and delivered to the furniture makers.

More so than other pieces I have made, probably because I now have Grandpa’s coffee table in my home, completing this coffee table has deepened my connection with Grandpa and helped me to realize again how grateful I am to be carrying on his legacy.

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