Sylvan Craft – From Forest To Table

Lyndaker Inlay is proud to announce our partnership with Sylvan Craft (!

Using sustainable forestry practices, our friends at Sylvan Craft, Chris and Craig, harvest wood right here in Ohio and make it available to local artisans like Lyndaker Inlay.

Using our traditional wood inlay techniques, we here at Lyndaker Inlay then use the wood to create a variety of handcrafted home decor.

In their words:

“The Sylvan Craft product journey begins with our forest management practices and ends with functional and artistic woodcraft. From selective harvesting, to crafting by our artisan partners, to finished products, we can account for every step of the wood’s journey.”

Lyndaker Inlay is proud to be partnering with Sylvan Craft on this amazing journey and hope you will join us through your purchase and by following the story on social media.

You can find items handmade by Lyndaker Inlay and other local artisans at the Sylvan Craft Etsy store at

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