Not Omnipresent, But Almost

The first time Lyndaker Inlay was at two events at the same time, we were a block away.

This coming weekend, October 9 and 10, we will be at separate events simultaneously in two different states!

Dad and Mom Lyndaker will have a booth Saturday Oct. 9 at the Fall Festival in Wardensville, West Virginia. This will be the third year in a row that Lyndaker Inlay has had a presence at the festival and it is always a wonderful occasion to connect with friends old and new.

This is the first year that Lyndaker Inlay will have a presence at the Millersburg Antique Festival in Millersburg, Ohio. Keith Lyndaker Schlabach will be at our booth all day Saturday and Sunday afternoon in his new hometown in the middle of Amish Country.

So if you are in the vicinity, drop by our tents. We have lots of unique handcrafted wood inlay items and creative home decor.

We’re not omnipresent, but pretty close.

Stop by. We’d love to see ya!

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