New Partnership Coming This Fall!

Lyndaker Inlay is excited to announce that beginning in the fall we will be partnering in a new endeavor that we are sure you will be as excited about as we are.

At this time, we cannot reveal specifics as we are still working out organizational details. Meanwhile, our task at Lyndaker Inlay is to develop a number of prototypes of products that will be sold exclusively within the framework of the collaboration.

The first prototype is complete! It is a handcrafted chess set complete with chessboard, chess pieces, and a matching chest to hold the pieces.

The chest and trim of the chessboard are made out of red oak. Rainbow poplar and sycamore are the woods used for the chess pieces (an original LI design) and the squares of the board as well as the highlights on the chest top.

The inlay patterns are specifically designed for this and other upcoming prototypes and feature a variety of locally harvested domestic woods.

Below is a link to a video of the completed set:

Stay tuned for other prototypes as we gear up for the fall!

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