Vintage End Table Project

I rescued this vintage stool from the dumpster at my work. Made by the Gettysburg Furniture Company, it definitely had seen better days.

The original upholstery had been covered over with fabric that had long since faded and was ripped in places.

I removed everything down to the wood but kept the original tag which I reattached. It is important to me to preserve as much of the original story of a piece as possible.

I glued the wood inlay to the top using my original patterns and then cut around the border of the stool.

I sanded the edges and top in preparation for finishing, adding filler which I let dry. Then I repeated the process until the top was smooth.

While the top was drying before the final sanding, I got my trusty Old English Scratch Cover for dark woods and wiped down the stool. I chose this method rather than stripping and refinishing for ease and to preserve as much of the rustic beauty of the wood.

I wiped down the top with Tung Oil and am very pleased with the overall result!

I need to attach the top to the bottom yet and there are some repairs I need to make for the bracing of the legs.

But soon this vintage Gettysburg Furniture Company stool will have a new life as a lovely end table!

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