You Never Know Where or When Grandpa’s Inlay Might Turn Up

Recently an old friend from Mississippi reached out to me to see if my family would be interested in a wood inlay piece my grandfather had made for him.

What?! I remember thinking.

Apparently, unbeknownst to any of us, Grandpa gave Duane and his family a beautiful wood inlay wall hanging as a thank you. They hosted my grandparents years ago when they came down from New York to help us move from Mississippi.

Though I was unaware of this particular gift, I am not surprised. Grandpa was constantly using his woodcraft to bless and express his gratitude to others. After years of the wall hanging holding a place of honor in his office, Duane felt like it needed to be in our family. So I had him mail it to my parents which he did so along with Grandpa’s handwritten notes.

What a wonderful gift! We are so grateful for this beautiful reminder of Grandpa and his amazing work. Attached are the pictures of the piece.

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