Grandpa’s Textbook

Perhaps you’ve noticed it at our events. You may have even inquired whether it’s been for sale.

It is a medium-sized inlaid table top piece with a variety of patterns centered by a five-pointed Lyndaker Star.

It is one of my most precious things, for it was my Grandpa’s textbook.

As you may know, when my grandfather was still living, I spent time learning wood inlay in his “classroom,” his woodshop in upstate New York.

Grandpa’s lessons were hands on. Each morning, we would head out to the shop and Grandpa would teach me.

This piece was the project I worked on under Grandpa’s tutelage.

That was almost twenty years ago. The “textbook” has gotten some dings and scratches through the inevitable jostling from various moves and events.

So this week, I’ve spent time sanding and refinishing the piece, all the while remembering those long ago days in Grandpa’s classroom.

As I have done so, I have been reminded of why I do this work.

It is out of gratitude to my grandfather for his work and for his sharing of it with me.

It is the joyful connection that comes out of doing this work together with my father.

It is the deep down belly satisfaction that comes with participating in a craft that has a history, that is a family tradition that I get to be a small part of.

So as I add the final coat of finish, I find that more than anything, I feel my heart being restored as well and for that, I am so grateful.

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