Grandpa’s Cap (and How I’m Still Learning How To Wear It)

Strange to think that one of my most precious items is a cap I cannot wear.

Grandpa wore a distinct cap especially when he was out working in his shop. When he passed away, I was fortunate enough to get one of his caps to remember him by. My initial thought was to wear it myself when I was working on inlay as a further honoring of him and his teaching of the craft to me.

Unfortunately my head is too big to wear the cap. I hope that is not a metaphor for me having a big head due to pride! Grandpa was above all a man of humility and that is the attitude I wish to convey in how we share his legacy and story with others.

So for now the cap hangs in my shop to remind me of Grandpa, his lessons, and the generations who have practiced this craft before me.

I am still learning how to do the work that Grandpa taught me …. sort of like I’m still learning how to wear Grandpa’s cap.

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