Support Your Local Starving (Literally) Artist

A recent story in the Washington Post noted that almost two thirds of independent artists are now unemployed due to the pandemic.

While we are doing okay here at Lyndaker Inlay, the current situation has forced us to move most if not all of our sales online, utilizing a new, more comprehensive sales channel.

While we are very pleased with Shopify, the additional time and labor in setup and the increased future fees can feel somewhat daunting.

The current multi-state stay-at-home order means that neither us nor our customers have access to our substantial inventory at our brick and mortar locations. This has limited our sales as well.

So we are extremely grateful to all of you who have responded and have visited or made a recent purchase online. Thank you!

While we do appreciate your patronage, we do ask, if you are able to financially at this time, to support, in small or big ways, your favorite local artist or artisan. As noted at the beginning of this post, many are hurting financially. We at Lyndaker Inlay understand the angst that comes with creating and the related hopes and dreams that can feel so fragile at times such as these.

As our small contribution to those of you who may be struggling financially at this time, we want to offer a special discount off our products. When ordering online please enter “4loveofinlay” at checkout for 30% off your order. No strings attached. No questions asked. It’s our way of saying thank you for the generosity of our customers and is one small thing we can do to help folks who may have a little less now.

Overall, we continue to remain hopeful that together we will make it through these strange days.

Stay safe. Stay home. Keep creating!

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