The Becoming – An Old Hoosier Is Reborn

Many of our friends who know that we repurpose and reuse wood and furniture pieces will often check in about whether we might want an item or a box of wood pieces. Invariably, we usually say yes.

So recently a good friend sent me an email to see if I wanted a table and an old broken hoosier. She said I could do whatever I wanted with both, but the hoosier had some sentimental value. So she asked if I would make something special from pieces of the hoosier. I was excited about the opportunity.

I began by taking the hoosier apart. I found the upper scrollwork particularly fetching and decided that definitely should be a part of the final piece. I also wanted to include the original manufacturer tag tacked to the back of that piece.

Initially, I thought about making a box. The hoosier looked to be made out of bird’s-eye maple and then was stained a rich golden brown color. I was excited about being able to work with such a beautiful wood.

As I disassembled the hoosier, I began to formulate a plan to make a shelf. I took the upper piece with scroll work, joined the edge, cut the dowels off the sides, and flipped it upside down.

The tops of the original sides had some nice curvature so I cut them to match my first piece. Then I cut one of the sides to serve as my shelf top.

Once everything was glued and attached, I put the inlay on the top, taking two patterns and matching them to fit.

I put a dark walnut Danish oil finish over the maple to match the original finish. I put a clear matte finish on the inlay to seal it. After filling and sanding, I added another coat of Danish oil and rubbed the entire piece down.

I am very pleased with the result. This is a prime example of how we at Lyndaker Inlay take wood items and give them new life through repurposing, refinishing, and then with the addition of our signature wood inlay.

You can find a video of the process of finishing the shelf below and on our Instagram account @lyndakerinlay.

Feel free to contact us if you have a custom order. We are happy to oblige!

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