Celebrating the Return of the American Chestnut

You will find American Chestnut in Lyndaker Inlay products. The wood we have has been gleaned from a variety of places such as molding from old houses or barn wood. We don’t have much so we use it sparingly, and we can only reuse that which already exists in lumber form.

You see the American Chestnut no longer exists nationally in the wild as tree. (There are species in Asia). This amazing national treasure was wiped out by a blight in 1904.

So imagine my delight at reading the following article in The Washington Post about the efforts to return this once great giant of the American forest to its rightful place:


So during this Yuletide season, it’s a welcome thought to believe that “chestnuts roasting on an open fire” are not so far off from once again becoming a reality.

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