Beauty Out of Ashes – The Strange Stories Found in Wood

I honestly don’t know what Grandpa would think of these, as I call them, “strange creatures.” But I suspect for the most part, he would chuckle.

Wood inlay is an art that lends itself to creative meanderings, especially when one has lots of small left over pieces from larger projects.

Hence the hodge podge design of several of our pieces, like this tea box I put inlay on recently.

Often, when I am sorting through a box looking for pieces, I will come across one of particular significance. Each piece has a story, from the tree of its origin to the pattern it is placed in. Even so, there are some with a story of strange twists and turns.

Perfect for a “strange creature,” like this one for instance.

In the upper left corner, there is triangular pattern piece with a charred edge. This piece was one of the few rescued from the remains of Grandpa’s shop, when a fire destroyed most of his tools, lumber, antiques, and of course, almost all of his wood inlay. Thanks to his church, he was able to rebuild and continue the work which in turn gave me the opportunity to learn from him.

So every once in awhile, I’ll find one of these charred patterns. I don’t cut off the burned edges. That is part of their story. It is part of the Lyndaker Inlay story too.

It is a story of resilience and rebuilding .

It is a story of a labor of love and honoring the work of our elders.

It is the story of the continuation of a family tradition.

It is the story of wood and the beauty that can arise out of ashes.

It is a story that we are grateful to be able to to share with you.

Thank you for being a part of our story.

KMLS for all of us here at LI

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