Passing Time With The National(s) Past Time – This Week at Lyndaker Inlay

Perhaps Keith needs to start inlaying more journals!

The Nats won the first two games of the World Series against an Astros team that was a heavy favorite. To keep his anxiety down and to help him feel somewhat productive while watching the game, Keith worked on putting together a couple of journals during the games.

Two journals, two wins. Now the Nats have lost the last two games. So maybe Keith needs to start another journal in the hopes that they win again!

Having two woodshops a couple of hours apart means that Milford, Carolyn, and Keith have to get somewhat creative when they need to meet to exchange inventory, ideas, and stories of recent thrift store finds. The Chick-Fil-A in Haymarket which is about halfway has become the chosen watering hole. This past week was a scheduled meet up.

Milford brought Keith his grandpa Ednor’s dust collector which is now set up in his shop. (Yay!) Keith brought along some patterns for solitaire games.

Plans were also made for two big events in Mt. Rainier on December 7. Lyndaker Inlay is going to be at two places at once! Carolyn and Rachelle will be running the booth at the Holiday Craft Sale at the Brentwood Arts Exchange and Milford and Keith will be at the Holiday Craft Sale at Joe’s Movement Emporium. We look forward to seeing you at one or both events!

A couple of highlights from our workshops this week include matching picture frames from Milford …

… and a refurbished sewing box from Keith.

Milford and Carolyn also delivered new inventory to the Lost River Artists Cooperative in Lost River, WV. One of the items newly arrived there is a golf ball display case and clock refurbished by Milford that includes autographed golf balls from Keith’s memorabilia collection!

Until next week, this is KMLS saying, be creative and stay joyful!

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