Fall Fest and Much More – This Week at Lyndaker Inlay

It has been quite a busy week at Lyndaker Inlay!

We had our first big event of the season at the Fall Festival in Wardensville, WV, home of the other half of Lyndaker Inlay.

Here is Milford (Pops) Lyndaker at our booth. (Keith is taking the picture).

We had lots of great conversations with folks who stopped by, and while our sales were a little lower than last year, overall, it was nice to be together as a family and share the Lyndaker Inlay story.

Special thanks to Carolyn (Mom) Lyndaker for the excellent food and support as well as Brent (Bro/Son) Lyndaker and his family for helping out on Sunday.

At the same time in Keith’s neck of the woods, neighbors Kathy, Barry, and Mimi hosted a really cool native plant and local artisan craft sale at the home of Kathy and Barry. We were so grateful to be invited to participate and sold a number of items there as well.

So overall it was a busy and successful start to the season!

Both KMLS (Keith) and MEL (Milford) have been busy in their respective woodshops this week too. Keith completed inlaying the above clock soon after he got home.

Milford completed a beautiful fish themed trivet utilizing some of his most recent patterns.

Keith worked on repairing, refinishing, and trying out some inlay on a toy airplane.

One of our specialties at Lyndaker Inlay is refurbishing and/or making cedar boxes. Milford did some amazing inlay work around an existing deer themed West Virginia cedar box.

Keith was also able to inlay another clock this week.

Finally, today, in homage to thrifters everywhere, Keith took bags and labels he found at a local thrift store and with the assistance of the home computer and printer, created some rather fetching bags for inlay items purchased at our upcoming events.

Oh, and Keith found another vintage Norwegian Strommen Bruk Hamar sewing box at the thrift store.

Which means he should probably stop blogging and head downstairs to the Hypogaeum to start inlaying it!

Until next week, this is KMLS saying, be creative and stay joyful!

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