A Driftwood Desk Set Project

I just completed a project I am pretty excited about.

I found a nice piece of driftwood during our trip to the Chesapeake Bay last week.

(The slices will be used for another project… more on that later).

I used my Dremel to clean off the excess debris and smoothed out the wood, following the natural lines as much as possible, letting the life story of the piece speak for itself.

After more sanding and finishing, the piece was ready to receive its first item.

This an antler bone letter opener that I completed recently. I tried several configurations until deciding on one I felt best worked with the shape of the driftwood.

Recently, I was gifted several vintage ink wells and felt one would fit nicely in the negative space within the driftwood with the addition of an inlay pen.

I completed the pen (first design so not completely satisfied, hmmm) and added to the set.

This was a really fun project and I am thrilled with how it turned out.

I am excited about continuing to explore how wood inlay can be combined with the natural world to create unique and stunning work.

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