Butternut Reborn – Finding Function For A Rather Strange Form

I shared in the past about the butternut I harvested from an old stump while on a walk in Hyattsville.

I made several unique pieces from the wood, several of which were sold at the Artisans Store at the Brentwood Arts Exchange.

Imagine my disappointment to discover on a subsequent visit that the stump had been removed and my supply of this unique wood was suddenly gone.

Then, while reorganizing my shop, I was thrilled to discover that I still had a few pieces left!

One evening this past week, I sat down and without any particular plan in mind, I began to put several of the butternut strips together, letting the wood form into what it would.

The end result was a rather strange contraption. Is it simply art, I wondered? Or does it have a purpose as well? Hmm. Such questions are the normal landscape of the creative artisan.

I left the piece on the dining room table to see if an idea as to its use would come to me. Periodically, I would turn it this way and that ….

And suddenly, this morning …

It became a holder for my business postcards!

So I will finish it up with inlay on the bottom, sand it, and poly …

And it will finally have a unique function for its rather strange form.

(Unless of course, you have a better idea!)

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