Grandpa’s Genius – An Inlay Pattern Comes Full Circle

Even though my great grandfather began the Lyndaker wood inlay tradition, he had already passed away before his son, my grandfather, decided to try his hand at the craft.

This meant that Grandpa had to figure things out for himself. In the process, he developed his own system of wood inlay making. It is this system that my father and I continue to practice.

Grandpa developed many different ways of making inlay patterns. Recently, I decided to recreate one of his more unique patterns.

This involved combining a dark wood with a lighter wood to create a pattern with circles. Grandpa usually combined walnut with maple. I had a block of cherry which I decided to use as my darker piece. I chose 3/4″ maple dowels as my alternating wood.

After measuring, I used a 3/4″ wood bit on my drill press to drill a series of uniform holes in the block of cherry.

I cut the dowels to the width of the cherry block, added glue and inserted them in the drilled holes.

A few runs on the joiner and belt sander cleaned up the edges.

I believe this pattern will serve as a nice addition to a future project.

It is the different colors of woods from all over the world that creates the beauty of wood inlay. So too our world and her beautiful people.

Thanks, Grandpa!

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