For sale is a beautiful poplar keepsake chest, refinished, and then inlaid on the top. This particular inlay pattern features padouk (reddish wood), wenge (dark wood), yellow heart, and black walnut. All natural wood colors. A clear matte finish was applied over the exterior. The interior was left with the original stain.

Dimensions: app. 6″ wide, 10″ long, 2.5″ deep (not counting lid).

Price: $38. We accept payment through PayPal at

At Lyndaker Inlay, all of our pieces are unique and reflect four generations of wood inlay practices utilized to make beautiful works of art. Our story, current projects, and more information can be found at
Let us know if you have an item or project you would like to have inlaid. Prices vary depending on size and length of time spent on the project.

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