Letter Opener – Style 1

I finished up two demos for a combination antler bone and inlay letter opener.

I began with a deer antler rack, given to me by my dear friend Paul Peachey. He found it on his family’s farm many years ago. It could be close to 100 years old.

I cut off a piece from the antler rack and sanded one end into a blade. I also chose a block of the inlay for the handle.

I sanded the inlay into a handle. I experimented with a variety of ways to attach the bone to the handle until I decided on one that combined strength with form. I then sanded and finished the letter opener until satisfied with the finish.

This is the final result.

This is the “antler bone and wood inlay letter opener (style 1)” meaning that the antler bone is the blade.

Tomorrow I will post the “style 2 letter opener.” Any opinions as to which folks like best are appreciated.

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