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New! Cherry Inlay Table Project – In Progress

This a table top my dad gave me to inlay. After completing the center pattern from my personal stock, I began to fill the other spaces with similar patterns from previous cuts. The final step was several coats of finish.... Continue Reading →


New! Business Card Holder #2 – 09.23.18

This uses a pretty unique pattern from my grandfather which I hope to replicate soon. It features black walnut circles in a central piece of maple. This serves as the back drop while one of my own patterns is the... Continue Reading →

New Pattern – 09.23.18

Last night I experimented with a different pattern style. The light colored wood is white ash. The words scribbled in pencil on the wood are in my grandfather's hand. This is from my grandfather's stock that my dad recently gave... Continue Reading →

New! Business Card Holder – 09.22.18

Today I had an idea that I wanted to try out. So I worked on a business card holder design. The above photo is the front. The back has two triangular inlay legs for support. Depending on the response, I... Continue Reading →

New! Plant Stand – 09.21.18

Today I completed my latest project. I began with a circular stool/plant stand I picked up from somewhere. It consisted of a round top on three legs. Everything was stained an interesting reddish brown color. After completing the center, I... Continue Reading →

New Pattern – 09.20.18

This pattern is made from pre-cut pieces from my grandfather that were given to me by my father earlier this week.

New! Christmas Ornaments – 09.15.18

New Christmas ornaments finished today. Two feature a new angel design, an idea that my mom came up with.

New! Walnut Locust Keepsake Chest – 09.15.18

This chest is made with a combo of found locust and black walnut. The top is black walnut bookended together. The bottom is inlay featuring locust as well. The interior has locust/walnut dividers as well.

New! Coaster Set – 09.14.18

This a coaster set that I just completed. Bamboo sides. Inlay bottom. Locust coasters from my dad.

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