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Inlay from Puerto Rico

Here are some really nice examples of wood inlay that I saw at a gift shop in the El Yunque rainforest near Luquillo, Puerto Rico.


FOR SALE – Tiny Cedar Chest

For sale is a lovely tiny cedar chest. It was sanded, refinished, and then we added our signature wood inlaid top. This inlay pattern features purple heart, kingwood, and zebrawood. Butterfly hinges and hardware added. Dimensions: app. 3.5" wide, 5.25"... Continue Reading →

FOR SALE – Keepsake Chest

For sale is a beautiful poplar keepsake chest, refinished, and then inlaid on the top. This particular inlay pattern features padouk (reddish wood), wenge (dark wood), yellow heart, and black walnut. All natural wood colors. A clear matte finish was... Continue Reading →

Inlay Wall Plate

Today I put the finishing touches on an inlay wall plate to cover an old light switch box in the living room. I think it looks a little better than the plastic one it replaced.:)

From Tacky to Terrific – The Transformation of Three Tiny Cedar Chests

Yesterday I found three small cedar chests at the thrift store. They were various souvenirs from Mississippi to California with interesting, somewhat tacky tops. I figured they could use a little TLC so I sanded the tops in preparation for... Continue Reading →

New Hardwood Work Bench!

This week I got a great deal on a Windsor Designs hardwood work bench. I put it together yesterday. Now I'm ready for REAL work!

Harvesting a Mulberry Tree

Today I cut down a mulberry tree that my neighbor asked me to take down for him. I made sure to keep several logs for inlay. The color reminds me of locust. I can't wait to use them once they... Continue Reading →

Red Romance Sale at the Brentwood Arts Exchange!


Locust-Black Walnut Combo Pieces

This evening I put together several locust and black walnut pieces from my found stock. I hope to use these as sides for jewelry boxes. I also put together two walnut tops in bookend fashion.

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